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Celestial Mountains

I received this photo from my friends at NASA this morning and had to share it with all of you as I found the photo just truly breathtaking.

The Tien Shan mountain range is one of the largest continuous mountain ranges in the world, extending approximately 1,550 miles (2,500 kilometers) roughly east-west across Central Asia. This image taken by the Expedition 27 crew aboard the International Space Station provides a view of the central Tien Shan, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) east of where the borders of China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan meet.

The uplift of the Tien Shan, which means celestial mountains in Chinese, like the Himalayas to the south, results from the ongoing collision between the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates. The rugged topography of the range is the result of subsequent erosion by water, wind and, in the highest parts of the range, active glaciers.

Two high peaks of the central Tien Shan are identifiable in the image. Xuelian Feng has a summit of 21,414 feet (6,527 meters) above sea level. To the east, the aptly-named Peak 6231 has a summit 6,231 meters, or 20,443 feet, above sea level.

Image Credit: NASA


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I Felt Like An Alien Today

I felt like an alien today! No, really, it’s true. You see I was driving to work when my car suddenly coughed, heaved, and died.

“What! No, come on.” I turned the ignition off and tried to restart it. Nothing. Not a sound. Unbelievable, the car had only three thousand miles on it. It was only four weeks old and still had its showroom shine.

Thank God for current technology as I had my cell phone in my hand a moment later, yammering at the dealership that I was stuck in the middle of nowhere sitting on the hood of my brand-new car when I should be sitting inside it!

The dealership sent a tow truck and forty minutes later I was at the dealership and the car was whisked into the shop. With nothing to do but wait, I jumped onto a bus and deposited my dollar. There was a small country dinner up the road that served the best breakfast in Central Florida.

The bus was packed. I moved along to the back and took a seat next to a fashionable looking woman. I was marveling to myself that the last time I was on a public bus was about thirty years ago.

With a smile I turned to my bus partner to share this with her, but she was texting someone and I didn’t want to be rude. The smile faded from my lips and I looked at my own iPhone. It was while studying my reflection in the black screen that I noticed how quiet the bus was.

Don’t get me wrong, the bus was a true 1990’s beast, roaring like a banshee as we barreled down the highway. The gears ground as the driver shifted, and great bellows of black exhaust ruined the driver’s day behind us. Outside the traffic and horns added their own morning music. It was the people.  They were quiet.

I turned to comment to the person sitting across the isle from me, be he was listening to something on his iPod and had his eyes closed. Looking around the bus, I noted that everyone was either listening to some type of iPod device, texting, or playing with some electronic device.

The bus ground to a noisy stop and I exited the bus. It pulled away leaving me encircled in black smoke. I entered the restaurant feeling a bit depressed and lonely. The host came by and led me to my booth.

The place was busy with waitresses dashing about and people either being seated or leaving. Yet, there remained a strange silence. Looking around I noticed the same problem. The majority of the people were playing with their gizmos and gadgets. I shook my head sadly, the tables and booths occupied by couples suffered from the same phenomenon.

Maybe the couples were texting each other? What a sad, sad world we are turning into. Don’t get me wrong.  I really do love my techno gadgets. Today was a prime example of how wonderful technology is. I broke down and was able to phone for help in a remote area, something I wasn’t able to do the last time I broke down in 1992.

You gotta love all the technology available to us. I believe it has helped us in so many ways, but it is also isolating us. Today I felt like an outsider, like an alien being visiting another planet or time period.

I am a person who is astute to the environment around me and notice subtle changes. I tend to think about new products as they hit the market and try to see how it may affect us in the future. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we meet people for a reason. But how can you meet people if they are so absorbed in their devices?

I entered the return bus more depressed then when I began my breakfast excursion. This time I plopped down beside an elderly woman. I didn’t even bother trying to speak with the woman. Her voice startled me.

“Are you gonna whip out one of those thingamajigs like everyone else?”


“I hate those things,” she admitted. “They’re like little monsters that eat away people’s brains. It sickens me to see my grandkids held captivated by their portable phones and games. I tell you.  Those kids are the laziest things.”

She pounded the end of her cane into the floor to emphasize her frustration. “Go out and play, I tell them. Play? They’d rather sit on their expanding rear, eat junk food and play video games or social networks with their friends! Social Network, why talk on the computer or phone when their friends live right next door?”

I nodded in understanding. “I agree. I was just thinking today that I feel like an alien. No one talks anymore, and when they do they have this need to stop and start texting someone.”

“It is sad,” she agreed. The bus stopped at the dealership and I got up. “It was nice meeting you, Mr. Alien.”

“And you.” I said smiling.


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Hey, sorry for the delay in uploading the photos of the Supermoon on March 19, 2011. I’d like to extend a special thanks to my mom for lending me her camera. Without it, we’d never have captured such unbelievable photographs. So thanks mom!

I thought we wouldn’t get the photo as the moon took so long to rise, so Joe started shooting the photos through the trees. My shoulder served as a tripod.

Those damn trees! Why’d they have to grow so high? I was so upset as I’d been waiting for this night for weeks and it seemed that once the moon cleared the treetops it would be covered by the clouds.

Oh my God! The clouds blew away and we had the moon to ourselves. Unbelievable! You can actually see a meteor impact on the lower right side and see the spray of moon dust extending away.

Another photo. The clarity stunned me and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks again, mom.


Joe and Craig


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The Night She Snapped – Story

Her eyes were fully dilated. The pupils were so large, only the barest hint of pale blue could be seen, like space dust glowing on the fringes of a massive black hole. The flickering candle flame reflected in those huge dark pools, making her eyes look like those of an alien being. The reflective fire turned those eyes into something that could contain great power; power to destroy entire worlds, and to bring men to their knees in fear.

The corners of her mouth began to curl into the beginnings of a smile. She always had an active imagination. The smile collapsed into a frown. She tilted her head to the left, and her reflection mimicked the move. She never took her eyes off the mirror.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,” she whispered.

From down the hall she could hear a hissing sound, like a ball of angry cobras spitting and biting each other. For a moment she couldn’t remember what the sound was, perhaps she swallowed too many pain pills.

Jack really worked her over good. Her entire body hurt, the pain radiating from deep within her bones. Already the pain was beginning to leak away as the pills worked their magic, but the emotional anguish? No, that pain stabbed at her heart. After sixty years of marriage how could he do this to her? How could he hurt her like this? She was a good faithful wife.  She was a model wife!

Or was she?

A memory crept in from the dark corner of her mind. Her reflection shed a tear as the old memory unfolded itself and crystalized. Sixty-three years ago to the day she stood tall and beautiful in the courtyard of Canopy Oaks High School. Her family had moved to Oakwood Forest, Florida over the summer and she had met few friends. She was so nervous, although she would never allow herself to show it.

Nancy and Kelly ran up to her. They were her neighbors and only friends. She guessed they were okay, kind of hick though. But what wasn’t hick in this small sleepy town? Miami felt a zillion miles away. Kelly was blowing an enormous bubble and Nancy was chewing away at her gum like the glum cow across the road from her house. “Hi, Ann. Are you ready for the first day?” Nancy said.

“Gosh, Ann. You plan on killing the boys dead or what? Think that skirt could get any shorter?” Kelly said, blowing another bubble.

Ann gave a tight smile. Kelly had about thirty pounds on her, when she stopped moving, it took the fat an extra minute to stop giggling around. “I plan on getting the hottest guy in this school by the end of the day. This,” she gestured to her outfit, “is my bait.” She knew she would turn heads. Her legs were well formed, slender hips, a small waist. Her breasts finely chiseled and had that uplift perfectness that only the young could achieve.

Her hair was long and golden, hanging in very loose curls down to the center of her back. Her skin was smooth as silk, and blemish free. Her eyes were like chips of sapphire, magnetic and compelling. She often lowered her eyelids, giving the appearance that she just woke from a timeless slumber. That sleepy-sexual look caused guys to get hot flashes and dream of what it would be like to stare into those eyes while in bed. But she could easily switch the look, and appeared colder than an ice sculpture.

“Good, luck. All the good guys are taken.” Nancy commented as they walked to the front doors.

As if summoned by the Gods, a boy dashed in front of them. His eyes were focused on something in the sky. A second later he clamped his large hands around a descending football. He sent the ball in a tight spiral to another boy across the yard. On the up stroke his shirt lifted high enough for Ann to see his tight flat stomach, lightly coated with a line of light brown hair. His eyes were a deep brown and his smile so radiant that Ann couldn’t help smiling in return.

“‘Morning ladies.” He said as he jogged past them.

“Who is that?” Ann gushed, unable to hide her interest. He had phenomenal rear suspension as well. What a bod.

“Jack McMillen. But forget it, he and Mary Beth are a couple.” Nancy said, “they’ve been an item for two years now.”

“You stand no chance, sister.” Kelly added. Ann stabbed her manicured nail at the bubble Kelly made. It popped, covering Kelly’s nose with sticky gum. Yuck.

“We’ll see about that,” Ann said, smiled and walked up the stone steps to the entrance doors. As fate would have it, Jack arrived just a split second before her. He held the door open and winked at her as she swept past, his turn to check out her rear.

Ann shook her head. The mirror came back into focus. She reached up and slid her fingers through her course gray hair. Pain laced every movement. Had her hair really been that soft and shiny? Her fingers crawled from her forehead to her face, tracing patterns of lines, dipping into valleys of wrinkles. Oh, how tight and radiant her skin had been! Amazing how the years could change you into an old, stooped, wrinkled shadow in what seemed like a mere instant of time.

Wiping away a stray tear, she picked up the brush, and began the tedious task of unknotting her frazzled hair. Jack had really worked her over. She looked and felt like a wreck.  It really wasn’t fair that people aged the way they did. You work all those years to enter a time that everyone calls the Golden Years. “Golden, my butt.” Ann grunted. “The only thing golden around here is my underpants, cause I can’t seem to hold my bladder anymore.” Regardless of the pain, she did smile. “I’d dearly love to kick the person in the shins who coined that phrase.”

What was it that Jack said to her that summer? The brush stopped in mid-stroke as she tried to find the memory. It was like stumbling around in a dark room with memories strewn all about. Some good ones, some bad ones, and just a few painful ones. The memory was elusive. She continued brushing her hair, thinking of the years. She had been a good wife. She made a mistake early in their marriage when her looks and career meant everything. She had gotten pregnant!

Just the thought of what bearing a child would do to her figure and career made her decision easy. One afternoon she hopped over to the clinic and disposed of the fetus. Did she feel guilt? Ann thought back, but try as she might she couldn’t remember what Ann the twenty-year-old felt.

She felt guilt now! Jack had always wanted a child and when she was ready and willing to give him one they discovered a tumor growing in her uterus. Ann wondered ever since if that was God’s way of telling her she made a mistake by taking away a life. But Jack was supportive and life went on.

Until now. Until Jack did what he did.

She put the brush down and slowly walked into the bedroom. Jack lay on the bed in his wedding tuxedo. She took her wedding dress off the hanger and slipped it on. Although yellowed with age, to her it was still beautiful, pure white and sparkling in her mind’s eye. She remembered their first dance and how radiant they were. That day! It was the happiest day of her life. During the first dance, safely encircled in his strong arms, she marveled at what started as a high school mission could end in a fairy tale.

She kissed Jack’s cold face and lay down beside him, clasping his hand. “It won’t be long now, my love.” Ann whispered.

Amazing that only an hour ago she was making a late lunch when she heard something fall in the bathroom. “Jack, are you all right, honey?” She yelled.

No reply. A wave of dread chilled her spine. She quickly hobbled to the bathroom. Jack’s heart was so bad she knew it was only a matter of time. She was sobbing even before she saw him laying dead in the tub.

Ann closed his eyes and clasped him tightly to her. It was Jack’s wish that she did not attempt resuscitation. Nor did he want a funeral, just a quick cremation. She and Jack were loners, they found everything they needed in each other and had very few friends. After all these years, she wasn’t sure if their friends were still alive. They had no children, no family. It would be very lonely without Jack.  He was her support, her life.

It took all of her effort to drag him into the bedroom. She’d fallen against the dresser once, taking the brunt of the fall on her arm. She may have knocked herself out because she woke laying on the floor and her arm a pulsing ball of burning pain. Not sure if she damaged it, and not caring if she did, Ann pulled and rolled Jack onto the bed.

After Ann finished dressing Jack, she closed all the windows and turned on the gas stove and lit candles in the living room while she got ready. The two hundred and fifty-gallon tank stood silently right outside their bedroom wall.

They always said they would rather die together so the other one wouldn’t have to suffer. “We’ll be together soon, Jack. You just make sure you wait for me.”

Ann did not have long to wait. Two minutes later the gas gently kissed the candle flame. The resulting explosion blew the house apart. Neighbors up and down the block leaped from their homes fearing an atomic bomb exploded nearby. Twenty minutes later the first fire engine arrived, but it was already too late to do anything.

The explosion was listed as an accident. The Last Will and Testament was handled by a local attorney. After cutting a hefty check for himself he wrote one other check and dropped it in the mail.

A week later a local Children’s Hospital received a generous donation in Jack and Ann’s name. The amount was so large, the hospital paid for a portrait of the couple to be made and placed it in the lobby.


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Spectacular Moon Ring

Last night Joe and I were out walking the dog. We live in the horse capital of the world, so there is a lot of dark farm land around us, giving us spectacular views of the heavens. I can’t say that I always look up to see what is going on out there, but during our walk I remembered that on March 19, 2011 we are supposed to have a ‘supermoon’. An event where the moon is the closest to the earth, and as a bonus for us earthlings it will be a full moon.

I wondered if the moon would appear any different to me and looked up. The sight that I beheld literally took my breath away! The moon shown brightly and was surrounded by an enormous halo. The moon hung in the center of this ring and a few stars danced and twinkled like diamonds.

Before I looked up a jet must have flown by, leaving a chem-trail in its wake. This chem-trail sliced across the entire circle. The most amazing thing was the chem-trail had a shadow which was above the actual gas cloud. I believe this was because the moon was so bright it was reflecting back up from the ground. As we watched the chem-trail moved across the moon and within minutes it cleared the circle.

But the circle remained unchanged, so what was causing this phenomena? Echoing my thoughts Joe said to call my brother. I dialed his number while Joe snapped away pictures. When my brother answered I asked him to go outside and look at the moon.

I did not have any hopes that he would see the ring as he was a two hour drive due east of my position. As I waited for him to confirm I heard him calling out the family to see the moon! Amazing, I thought.

We snapped off a dozen pictures using our iPhones. Unfortunately none of the pictures came out. I did find out what a moon-ring is.

The ring around the Moon is caused by the refraction of Moonlight (which of course is reflected sunlight) from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of the ice crystals results in a focusing of the light into a ring. Since the ice crystals typically have the same shape, namely a hexagonal shape, the Moon ring is almost always the same size.

Less typical are the halos that may be produced by different angles in the crystals. They can create halos with an angle of 46 degrees.

Folklore has it that a ring around the moon signifies bad weather is coming, and in many cases this may be true. So how can rings around the moon be a predictor of weather to come? The ice crystals that cover the halo signify high altitude, thin cirrus clouds that normally precede a warm front by one or two days. Typically, a warm front will be associated with a low pressure system which is commonly referred to as a storm.

It is believed that the number of stars within a moon halo indicate the number days before bad weather will arrive. Give it a try the next time you observe a moon halo. (Wish I knew this before, we didn’t think about counting the number of stars)

The ring that appears around the moon arises from light passing through six-sided ice crystals high in the atmosphere. These ice crystals refract, or bend, light in the same manner that a camera lens bends light. The ring has a diameter of 22° , and sometimes, if you are lucky, it is also possible to detect a second ring, 44° diameter. Thin high cirrus clouds lofting at 20,000 feet or more contain tiny ice crystals that originate from the freezing of super cooled water droplets. These crystals behave like jewels refracting and reflecting in different directions. The above definition was obtained from

As for the Super-Moon on March 19th, I do not believe that it will create earth devastations in an apocalyptic way, but do think the Earth feels the gravitational tug of the moon and may cause some earthquakes and volcanic activity, which lately has been quite high.

However, if you can, it should be worth seeing and photographing. The moon will be around 360,000 km (223,693 mi) from the earth. This event has only happened 15 times in the last 400 years.


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Windows Startup Issues

Have you ever started your computer and for some reason it failed to boot properly? As fate would have it, stuff like this happens when we need to get something done that is important. It is trying on our patience, but the most probable reason for this boot error is the hard drive.

It isn’t always easy to tell if the startup problem was caused by the Windows Operating System or one of the programs that run automatically at startup. An easy procedure is to disable one of the programs located in the startup sequence.

Windows makes it easy to access this program, simply go to the run bar and type in “msconfig” to load the System Configuration window. Choose “Startup” and scan the list. Check off the programs you can do without. Do not go ‘check happy’ and uncheck programs that help protect or run your system. It is advisable that you write down which programs you disable so you can enable them later. Once you are done, you will need to restart your system.

If your system crashed and shut down, it may restart on its own. During reboot the system may automatically access the Advanced Boot Options menu. Select the line for the Last Known Good Configuration. This will load the system with the last configuration that worked.  If this solves the problem there is no need to access Safe Mode.

If the last known configuration did not work, another alternative is starting the system in Safe Mode. Essentially Safe Mode loads Windows with a minimum number of programs and drivers. Safe Mode takes a lot longer to load than the normal booting process, so be patient.

The Safe Mode screen will look radically different than your normal screen because Safe Mode doesn’t load background applications. You are only permitted to do certain things in Safe Mode, for instance, your CD or DVD drive may not be available, and your backup options will be disabled. After you have accessed your startup files, or scan disk, you need to reboot the system to enter Windows normal boot sequence. Safe Mode isn’t a place for beginners to fool around in, so do what you need to do, then get out.

Another startup error could occur from the Windows Registry. The Registry is critical to the operation of Windows and should never be tampered with if you are not qualified. There is a command to use to access this part of the system, but I will not mention it in this article because entering into the registry editor is extremely dangerous.

There are websites that tell you how to access and allegedly how to fix a registry code. It may seem simple and may tempt you to follow their advice. Be weary of this temptation because if the advice is not sound, you can easily damage your system.

Think of Registry Code as DNA Code. If you found a website that informed you how to change a code in your DNA strand, would you do it? Of course you wouldn’t. Treat your computer registry the same way. Every program stored in your system uses the registry code in order for it to run properly. If you do have a Registry issue, there is something you can do without accessing the Registry Editor. If this other option fails, then seek a professional repair technician.

Every Windows system contains a program called System Restore. This handy program takes a snapshot of your Registry so if a part of the code becomes corrupted, you can simply restore the unit to an earlier time when the computer did work.

It sounds great, right?

It is, but like anything else there is a catch. System Restore is not a backup utility, it only reverts the registry to an earlier time when there was no problem. In doing so it can remove any software that you installed between points A and B. On the up side, it will not erase your files. Windows also creates a restore point when you install new software so in the event the software has a problem you can simply use the restore point and start again.

System Restore does not allow you to go back to an infinite time, it will only save restore points until the allocated space fills up, then it will overwrite the oldest files first. The system should automatically create a restore point once a week, or you can do them manually.

For most issues a simple System Restore will probably get you back on track. If it doesn’t, you may need to use your System Recovery disk to repair the system, or seek professional assistance.

To avoid a lot of heartache you should always make a current backup of your files at least once a week.

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A Spiritual Wonder

Sometimes something happens in life that gets engraved in our minds and we have total recall of the event, right down to smells and thoughts. Amazing things have happened to people across the globe at all different ages. The event that has shaped me as person happened five months before I turned two. People have scoffed at me for this, but this story is true. Nevertheless, the memory is as clear 37 years later as it was on that snowy Christmas Eve.

I awoke to the sound of angry wind howling against the window above my brother’s bed.  Condensation ran in rivulets down the glass pane and pooled on the wooden sill. Drip, drip, drip. The water fell to the floor, each drop sounding louder than the last. Something was wrong. The air around me seemed charged with energy.

The thought of cuddling up next to mom compelled me to slip out of bed. My pajama-clad feet touched the hardwood floor like the sound of sandpaper brushing lightly against wood. Suddenly a strange feeling washed over me. My skin prickled into goose flesh, in the living-room, the grandfather clock began to chime, informing the sleeping occupants that midnight was at hand.

Drip, drip . . . dong, drip, dong . . . drip, drip . . . dong.

I crept to the door and caught a glimpse of the Christmas tree twinkling merrily in the corner of dark living-room. The twinkling lights startled me for a moment because I hadn’t noticed them from my bed where I had a better view. Briefly my eyes fell upon the many wrapped packages spilling away from the base of the tree, but they did not interest me as they would in the years to come.

Turning away, I looked down the hall, where my parents slept. The lighting was wrong. My parent’s room should have been cloaked in fearsome darkness like so many other nights. As I stood there, my parent’s room continued to brighten. The light was not yellow or golden, but pure white. A breeze swept past me, it was warm and fragrant. Seconds later the light seeped into the hallway toward me, and small brilliant white lights zipped away from my parent’s room. A large oil painting hung above my parent’s bed, which is where the light came from. It continued to grow brighter as I watched and a form began to take shape in its depths.

It grew in size and shape until it took on definite edges and could be identified as a man. With a blaze of light, he stepped out of the picture, his bare feet hovering inches above my slumbering parents. He did not look down. He looked only at me!

My heart beat steadily against my ribs, my blood roared past my ears. Would I get in trouble for being out of bed? Tiny white lights darted about me in a frenzy, many of them I inhaled and came flying out as I exhaled. They never stood still long enough for me to see what they were, and they moved with amazing speed.

The man gracefully stepped onto the carpet.

I fled to my room, diving under my blankets.

Drip . . . drip . . . dong

My room began to fill with the white light, and as it intensified I could see through the blankets. The simple covering held no power against this force.

A minute later the man came into my room and looked out the window. He shook his head sadly, instantly the energy in the room changed, I could feel sorrow gathering around me like pregnant rain clouds.

I his gaze, my breath hitched in my throat. The window turned into a movie screen! A two-story house dominated the picture, but behind it I could see a lush forest. A black dog raced across the lawn. Then a boy riding a red bicycle sped passed.

A shadow passed over the house and the scene changed. Now I could see the sky, black clouds were boiling across the heavens, red lightning flashed down, stabbing at everything that moved. Something about the darkness frightened me. I knew something hideous lurked in the stormy sky. I knew deep inside that the clouds would give birth to something evil, and that the evil wanted me. The feeling shook me to the core of my being, never in my entire life have I ever been as afraid as I was that night! Tears leaked from my eyes. Suddenly the storm passed, taking the darkness with it, all that remained was gloom; gray and dreary.

The man raised his hand, and the picture in the window winked out. Once again I saw a stormy winter night with snow and frost clinging to the window’s corners. Amazingly my tears died up instantly, and feelings of peace and love washed over my confused thoughts. I stared at the man in awe.

He smiled down at me and such overwhelming love swept through me that I thought I would burst open. Just the opposite of fear, I have never felt so much love and peace as I did then. He spoke to me, but his words fell on deaf ears. A barrier stood between us and although his lips moved, my ears did not pick up any sound.

After a time he stopped speaking and smiled at me. In that moment in time I was consumed by his love. His smile grew larger and he placed his hand gently upon my head, then turned and walked away. I slipped out of bed and peeked around the door jam, watching him as he walked back to my parents room.

He stepped onto invisible stairs and walked toward the picture. The light left the hallway, as he vanished into the picture. All at once I was standing in darkness with the Christmas lights twinkling behind me as if nothing happened.

Drip, drip, drip . . . dong.


This for me has been the hardest thing for me to write, and I sincerely hope that I have conveyed my thoughts properly in order to give you, the reader, a clear picture of what happened.

When I was five, I told my mother about what happened and she told me that she had a picture of Jesus above her bed. I did not know who Jesus was, nor did I know anything about God yet. Those teachings would start the following year for me. I asked mom where the picture was and she said she didn’t know what happened to it. The last she saw of the painting was when we were moving from Babylon, New York to the eastern part of Long Island.

I did know that time of the event as my parents have always allowed the Christmas Tree to burn all night on Christmas Eve and no other. Additionally, I do recall seeing the presents. My parents only put them out after my brother and I went to bed, and that was a tradition up until I was about ten.

Like the vision foretold in the window, something dreadful happened to me the summer I turned eight. When that season passed I was left withered and empty, walking around like a gloomy, gray spirit. It was a grueling year for me, but what helped pull me through was the memory of that Christmas Eve, because I knew in my heart that he was near me, that his light was around me.

There were other events in my life that are mysterious as well, including the second time I saw him. Those are other tales that I will tell, but the one thing that troubles me the most, the one thing that drives me crazy about the whole thing. What did he say to me? Why couldn’t I hear him? Or were the words meant only for my spirit? I wish I knew.

Has anyone had something similar happen? I’d really like to hear from you if you have.


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