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Saving My Soul

This Labor Day Weekend we went to visit St. Augustine, Florida. If you haven’t been there, St. Augustine is a great place to stay if you are interested in pirates, ghosts, art, culture and history. It is one of the oldest cities in Florida and practically guarantees you a fun time.

We were walking down St. George Street, which is very narrow and closed to vehicles. A variety of shops line both sides of the street and it is filled with people of all races, sexes and ages. A great many were eating ice cream in a vain attempt to shield themselves from the heat. Most of the children had chocolate ice cream smeared around their mouths and hands. Just one glimpse of the sun made the cream melt away faster than the small tongues could lap it up.

Near an intersection there were a group of men handing out cards. Off to the side I could hear one, “don’t spend the rest of time in enteral hell. God forgives, don’t live in sin.” He ranted on as I groaned, automatically tuning him out.

The first guy went to hand me a card and I simply said, “No, thanks.”

The fellow on the other side of the intersection was pushing his cards on people. “Come to church and be saved. God forgives.” He pressed the card into my hand.

Normally I would just carry on, but this time I stopped. “Why should I join you congregation?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“To be one with the Lord Jesus Christ, He will forgive you of your sins.”

I handed him the card back, the other guy was still hollering about hell. “I can’t see why anyone would want to join your Church if everything you say is so negative. I believe in Jesus too, but to me He is a positive being, full of life and energy. He is a light of love and compassion, he emits peace and joy.”

The guy looked at me and blinked like a startled owl. “The Bible says-”

“Stop!” I held up my hand. “Please don’t quote me verses from the bible. I’m not interested, in joining your congregation.” I handed him the card back.

“The Lord will save you when God strikes the earth with his anger! He will strike us for allowing homosexuals to defy the sanctions of marriage, just as he made Hurricane Isaac submerge New Orleans in water to rid them of the evil way they choose to live.”

I was ready to walk away until he mentioned the word ‘homosexual’. I stopped in my tracks and looked at this poor man who really believed what he was saying. How could a religion become so corrupt in evil and spew such misinformation. How could any religious group continue to spread hate? For a group that claims to be such good people, they teach an awful lot of hate and discrimination.

I looked the man in the eye. “For your information, sexual orientation is decided in the womb. Nobody has a choice in who they love. That is a scientific fact. And since God created all life, then He created homosexuals as well! All you are doing is mocking him by teaching people to hate what he created.” Without realizing it the volume of my voice got louder and louder. The poor man was backing away from me as if I were the devil.

“Instead of quoting from the bible, why don’t you put as much time into learning as you do in hurting people? You people are great at twisting things around and ignoring the facts. I really pity you people, how unhappy the lot of you are. All through the centuries you find evil in everything and spread lies about innocent people. You kill in the name of God because you believe people are witches, then you banish people that are left-handed, then point fingers at people that are black, then at interracial couples, and at gays. What you all need to do is get a life and leave the rest of us alone!”

I turned and walked away. “I will pray for the Lord to save your soul!” He cried.

“And I will pray that God will show mercy for all of you who mock his teachings.” I walked away, seething. I tire of the pure stupidity of religious thinking. I know religion is important for many people, but I have no tolerance for teaching people to hate. I have no patients for the lies and bigotry.

Can’t they just accept scientific fact and admit they were wrong? Why does religion have to be so negative? And why do they always try to put fear into people? If you do this you will go to hell. If you do that you will go to hell. This is sin and that is sin.

Jesus! By the time they’re done you can’t do anything except breathe and pray! Didn’t God put us here to learn and grow spiritually?

Saving my Soul! My soul doesn’t need any saving. I truly believe that I know God better than the Pope does. At least my God isn’t negative.

Thinking of God and praying makes me feel happy and peaceful; isn’t that what God is about?

Who the hell would pray to a God that demands you fear Him? It just isn’t logical.

I think I’ll save my soul for the positive, kind God.

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Homophobia or Self-phobia?

I certainly do not wish to turn my creative blog into a gay issue place to visit. I really wish to get back to writing short stories that I hope people will enjoy reading. Unfortunately, in the real world work comes first and there must be some sleep inbetween which does not leave me much room for other chores like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, yard work, food shopping, school work and all the other normal things life brings to us.

But I could not resist adding this very important article written by Discover. Althought it is written for Homophobia it does raise the question of other phobias that we may have.

For those who have intense emotional, anti-gay reactions to homosexual groups, people or ideas, University of Rochester professor of psychology Richard Ryan hopes that new research prompts them to ask themselves, Why?

Four experiments conducted by Ryan and his colleagues at the University of Rochester, the University of Essex, England, and the University of California, Santa Barbara, concluded that people with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex exhibit more signs of homophobia.

“In many cases these are people who are at war with themselves and they are turning this internal conflict outward,” Ryan told Newswise. “This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Those intense emotions should serve as a call to self-reflection.”

The experiments also showed an association between homophobia and an authoritarian style of parenting. It’s the first study to conclude that both parenting and sexual orientation often form homophobic attitudes.

In the first experiment, students were shown a series of words and pictures of gay and straight couples on a computer screen. The words “me” and “others” flashed on the screen for 35 milliseconds before each screenshot. The length of time it took students to connect the words “me” and “gay” versus “me” and “straight” helped the researchers determine sexual orientation.

Then, the students browsed photos of either sex, with researchers recording the amount of time spent on same sex versus opposite sex photos.

Researchers used a survey with statements such as “I felt controlled and pressured in certain ways,” “I felt free to be who I am,” “It would be upsetting for my mom to find out she was alone with a lesbian,” and “My dad avoids gay men whenever possible,” to gauge the level of homophobia in a household.

Finally, students filled in blanks after the word “gay” appeared on a screen for 35 milliseconds, and researchers tracked the number of aggressive words written.

“Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves,” explains Netta Weinstein, a lecturer at the University of Essex and the study’s lead author.

Photo: Supporters of California’s Prop 8 hold anti-gay marriage signs during a demonstration outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Credit: Getty Images.



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Same Sex Marriage

This blog is more of a personal one, something I normally do not divulge in as Joe and I like to keep our private life private. But how can we remain quiet when our rights as humans are denied? We were married by an archbishop from the Catholic Church, received our Civil Union in Vermont, then received marriage certificates in New York, Connecticut and Iowa. We’ve been together for 26 years this September (2012). Being married was a distant dream of ours when we first met; we made that dream a reality!

Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true. Everyone deserves to be married to the person they love. So help support equal rights and share this with family and friends.

The video was edited to fit into a 10 minute segment; please watch and listen to the archbishop speak, then, share this to help our fight at gaining equality.


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