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Ocala National Forest, Salt Springs

We just got back from a short camping trip to Salt Springs. This natural spring rising from vertical fissures from deep within the earth. The spring pumps out 52 million gallons of fresh water every day and is a constant 72 degrees. This presence of potassium, magnesium and sodium salts give the waters in the spring a slight salinity. Thus the name “Salt Springs.”

This is the head spring and it flows into the lake it created

We were fortunate enough to find an Osprey nest, we heard the chicks but could not see them.

Naturally, the area is home to squirrels. I just love these rodents, they are so comical to watch.

Nothing is nicer than the morning moon



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Going Ape

I absolutely love primates. Literally, I can sit and watch these creatures all day and not get bored. There is just something about these fellow tellurians that strums an inner cord in me. Anyway, there is a state park about twenty miles away from me and we took a small two day camping trip. We’ve been to the Silver River State Park before, and I had posted a blog about this trip as well.

What I did not know, is across the river a troop of Wild Rhesus Monkeys live. I took tons of photos, but only three of them were good enough to make smartphone wallpapers out of. Being across the river I could not get close enough and had to shoot between the foliage. Monkeys do move quite fast, so I am happy with the photos I got.

Amazingly, these monkey’s are found in Asia where they are from, in lower South Carolina, USA where they had escaped from a science lab and in Ocala, Florida, USA, where a tour-boat owner thought it would add excitement to his jungle tour and put these monkeys on a small island. Unfortunately, he did not realize that monkeys can swim! There is another, local legend, that during the filming of a Tarzan movie, a group of Rhesus monkeys escaped and bred in the wild.


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Cat Wallpaper

This is my neighbor’s cat. I loved the way his eyes were aglow with flame. It actually is a reflection of fire as we were burning the winter’s fallen tree limbs.



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This Weeks iPhone Wallpaper

I took this photo during a camping trip in December. Missing from this photo is the alligator that was drifting not far away.


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Wallpaper Happy

I love wallpapers! My phone, office computer and home computer all have their own collection of wallpapers and they change everyday. For some reason if my wallpaper is around for more than a day I get bored with it. Unfortunately, I don’t like a lot of the iPhone wallpapers I’ve seen, so I have made some of my own.My phone currently has 126 wallpapers, about 25 of those are my own. Here is one.


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Large X-class Flare Erupts on the Sun

Good thing it wasn’t aimed at Us! If it was we’d be gone, gone, gone! Just image a blast of plasma hitting earth at temperatures greater than 100,000 degrees!

On Jan. 27, 2012, a large X-class flare erupted from an active region near the solar west limb. X-class flares are the most powerful of all solar events. Seen here is an image of the flare captured by the X-ray telescope on Hinode. This image shows an emission from plasma heated to greater than eight million degrees during the energy release process of the flare.

Image Credit: JAXA/Hinode

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I Wuz Here!

I posted a nighttime view of Western Europe the other day, so I was pleased and amazed to see one with Long Island in it. I grew up in a small sea-side village on the southern shore of Long Island approx where my arrow is. Guess I could have said Craig was Here, but that is why afterthoughts were made. 🙂

Panorama of the East Coast

This Jan. 29 panorama of much of the East Coast, photographed by one of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station, provides a look generally northeastward: Philadelphia-New York City-Boston corridor (bottom-center); western Lake Ontario shoreline with Toronto (left edge); Montreal (near center). An optical illusion in the photo makes the atmospheric limb and light activity from Aurora Borealis appear “intertwined.”

Image Credit: NASA


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