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Social Media Discover’s New Species

What an amazing story this is. Researchers were recently scanning through photos posted on Flickr when they stumbled upon this image of a previously unknown species of lacewing. Lacewings are soft-bodied insects that are known for their very sheer and light wings.  This photo was snapped in a forested park north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by an amateur photographer.

What are odds of a researcher scanning through photos and finding something this unique? It has to range somewhere as being a near miracle! It was the pattern of veins in the insect’s wings, the black markings and two white spots that captured the eye.

Sometimes being different pays!

Before this discovery can be officially entered, scientists need to collect a specimen. Since the photographer released the insect after taking the photo, researchers will have to visit the area, however, they did report this find online in ZooKeys. The new species scientific name is Semachrysa jade, named after the researcher’s daughter, not the insect’s color.

So thanks to the amateur photographer and all the other amateurs in the world that takes the time to post their beautiful photos online for the world to see.

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